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An attempt to hear your own voice in the sea of noise

The exhibition looks at noises as factors influencing hundreds of thousands of people every day. Often, an individual can’t hear their own voice because it’s diluted in a sea of noise - clichées, parental control, casual abuse, must-haves, influences, rightnesses and fear of social death.

The exhibition defines self-noise* as the voice somewhere within each of us. The sounds people hear when they’re free. It can also occur in deep darkness when there’s nothing left to lose.

What is that crackling sound waking you up at night as you lie next to the most beautiful, best human being in your cosy apartment? What is that sound? What is it trying to tell you?

The exhibition’s central character is a woman who has experienced cancer. She describes herself as someone who’s been lucky with family, level of income, career and looks. Still, when speaking of cancer, she says perhaps that’s her only chance at breaking free, awakening and being born again. The wish to break free could be interpreted as the contemporary human’s attempt to rationalise everything, even cancer, but perhaps it’s actually an opportunity to find your self-noise in a sea of noise.

*To sound technicians, self-noise is the noises, which come from a microphone when it isn’t connected to a sound source. From within the microphone itself. Sound technicians are recommended to place the microphone in a closed container to get rid of the unpleasant crackling.

A look inside the exhibition

The authors

The initiator of the exhibition is

Paula Tisenkopfa,


Kristīne Liniņa,

concept author and writer

Inga Gaile,


Māris Ločmelis,

designer and scenic designer

Tatjana Raičiņeca,

video and sound artist

Rolands Briedis.